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Beckwood Press Company

Beckwood Press Company is a leading hydraulic press manufacturer, leveraging nearly 40 years of engineering and manufacturing experience. Beckwood’s headquarters are located in St. Louis, MO USA. They offer quality, custom hydraulic presses for virtually every industry & application, from hot forming presses for aerospace structures to punching and stamping presses for automotive parts. Beckwood also manufactures the Triform line of sheet hydroforming presses, hydraulic ring expanders, hot joggle presses, and stretch forming machines. Beckwood does not have pre-made sub-assemblies or variations because they make most of their products from scratch, so they rely heavily on abas ERP’s Solid Works Integration to create parts for each job as they come.

Beckwood is in business to fundamentally change the way customers approach manufacturing challenges. We offer customized solutions that provide innovative and competitive advantages to our customers. abas has provided that same idea of change to us in how we operate on a day to day basis. Through cutting edge features and a customizable interface, we have realized a more efficient, transparent method of conducting our business that allows us to better focus on creating change for our customers.
Josh Schroeder, Lead Project Manager
Project Highlights: 
  • Solid Works Integration
  • Time Tracking Integration with Tractivity
  • Customized Estimating Screen
  • E-Business with customer document access


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