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In 1960 when the company Auerswald was founded, the focus was on the production of electromagnets, measuring instruments and transformers. Since 1980 the family business has been focusing on the telecommunications sector and develops the first compact telephone system which can be configured using a PC.

In 1992 the company based in Northern Germany decided to introduce abas ERP due to its flexibility and modifiability. As the system comprises a wide range of features, it is used in virtually all divisions. These include the functions Sales, Purchasing, Controlling, Production, Material costs posting, Cost accounting, Costing, Scheduling, Materials management, Financial accounting, Fixed asset accounting and Cost accounting. Additionally, the company uses PDC/ATR and identification systems.

A planning tool from abas, which was co-developed with Auerswald, allows to perform production planning and control as well procurement planning almost automatically. This has accelerated the production processes significantly. Furthermore, a vendor assessment system has been developed. abas BI is currently being implemented.

The great advantage of abas is its flexibility, which allows the easy programming of required adjustments and functions
Christian Auerswald, Managing Director
Project Highlights: 
  • Production planning and control
  • Plant data collection and attendance time recording (PDC/ATR)
  • Identification systems
  • Vendor assessment system


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