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Armaturenwerk Hötensleben

With the implementation of abas Business Software revenue continually increased by around 10–15% – with the same number of employees in the administration. The inventory management has become significantly more effective. Real savings could be made through the consistent implementation of the methods provided by abas ERP, in connection with an environment organized close to the system. It was possible to increase the lead times in production. The cost of paper used each year was reduced by around 5,000 EUR and around 2,000 EUR are saved per year in postage costs. In quality assurance each process takes around 2 to 3 minutes less – for 8,000 processes a year that is a saving of around 20,000 minutes or approx. 41 working days per year. Through the direct access to the ERP data and the increased transparency in the company, time savings were made in all areas.

With exception of the picking list and packing slips, there are no more papers in circulation. This means that we were able to decrease our paper costs by EUR 5,000 and postage by EUR 2,000 per year. This did not include the savings made through the simplified processes which resulted through reducing the use of paper documents.
Ingolf Wölk, Head of IT
Project Highlights: 

• Problem-free conversion to Linux
• Completely reorganized warehousing
• UPS and shipping connection
• Connection to external financial accounting
• Connection to a tool dispensing system
• Integration of the document management system by HABEL
• Quality and service support


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